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Ib/e Optics Velociter X0.8

Ib/e Optics Velociter X0.8

Velociter x0.8

Velociter x0.8 for RAPTOR lens series.

The Velociter x0.8 optical converter reduces the focal length of the RAPTOR Macro lenses by 0.8x. At the same time it increases the lens speed by almost one stop. The RAPTOR 100mm/T2.9 becomes a 80mm/T2.3 for example. In order not to waste light, the Velociter concentrates the light from the full-frame sensor on the S35 sensor.
Because the image diameter is reduced from 46.6mm to 36mm, sensors up to RED DRAGON 6K FF or ANSI S35 Silent can be covered.The Velociter x0.8 can easily be assembled in exchange of the extension tube of the PL UMS Mount. With the converter connected to the lens only PL cameras can be used.

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